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About Me

funny-pic-male-life-cycleHi, I am Matthew Meyers. I have decided to write this blog, because I simply like to write and share my experiences thoughts, interesting things and lessons that I have learned and think other guys would benefit from knowing.

It is also a zen thing I think 🙂 – if you give, somehow the universe will find a way to give back to you.

I’ll post stuff out there as I learn about it myself and think you could benefit from it. I want to write about all the boys stuff on my mind – cars, property, health & fitness, investing / money, food, travel … and yes, of course sex!

My wife Elenor and I also like trying out new things if you know what I mean.. I will be writing about that too! I am also quite into my health and fitness … so I can keep it up and don’t end up like that horse in the pic! 😀 Read the blog and you’ll see how.

Oh btw, I live in London, UK, am married with no kids and work as a financial analyst. Please feel free to comment on my posts and pages with thoughts and feedback.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts!


  1. Andy Bird permalink

    Thanks Matt. Some good insights, esp on sex and food!

  2. Frank Nader permalink

    That horse is really funny!!!!!!!

  3. thanks guys. Let me know if there is anything you want me to write about. Later

  4. Justin permalink

    Matt – question for you. I live in the United States trying to find out where to get “amitamin m forte”.

    Appreciate the help.


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