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My very personal experience with amitamin M forte

June 25, 2013

You probably know by now that I don’t mind covering even very personal topics on this blog.

20 toesI thought I’d write a review about something that everyone knows about, but few people have actually tried: a male Potency Enhancer 😉 great fun!

Let’s be honest. We have all read studies everywhere that erectile dysfunction (ED) is apparently much more common than anyone would like to admit… and anyway, even if you don’t have any issues the first time round, wouldn’t you want to know what you can do to have another few rounds .. to prolong the fun and show her what you’ve really got?

As we get older we feel how our testosterone levels naturally drop, unless we continue to exercise. We start to get a bit fat and it starts to affect our performance and confidence in bed.

Of course, noone will admit it, but but fact is that lots of men are affected. This is exactly like the average girl, who has 65% less sex partners than men, but who do all the men sleep with? LOL It’s easier for women. If she’s not up for sex, she can pretend to say or do almost anything. But for guys there is nowhere to hide if we can’t get it up!

I am still quite fit (I can run 6 miles in 48 minutes) but I have been noticing a little less hardness over the years so I decided to try out a few “enhancers”.

erection jokeSo I read up on the topic, because I wanted to know what I am putting into my body. The choice is actually quite big as you can tell from the size of your spam folder.

You’re probably thinking of Vi**ra and Ci***s straight away (which have some very odd side effects), but do you know there is much more out there? There are several types of erection enhancers: herbs and roots like Tribulus, Yohimbine, Maca and Spanish Fly.

These mainly promote libido… what what good is it to be horny and got be able to get it up?! I couldn’t think of anything more frustrating!

Then there are the synthetic, prescription pills which mimic the famous above blue “remedy”, and there are combinations of both. Finally, there are the softer amino acid L-arginine-based remedies, which are supposed to improve your overall blood flow, in your brain, muscles, skin, hair… and of course where it counts most! 😉

There are lots of different strategies, which means you might not need to run to the doctor straight away to get your blue pills (btw, its 20-year patent expired in summer 2013 so there are now many cheaper, but hopefully genuine copies around.

No more worries of poisonous pills produced in pirate labs..) I saw a documentary about those drug pirates on TV last week. They produce the drugs with a few dirty mixers in a bush hut. Crazy! The only thing they do properly is the packaging, because it had to look the part.

Seriously, that is why I only buy supplements from a reputable source!


My girlfriend Nadia works in a pharmacy nearby so I decided to ask her (took me a few glasses of wine to actually do it) and she just smiled and said “of course! No-one realises how many men really buy the Arginine erection enhancers. Also young ones in their 30s and 40s. And they speak so quietly that I can hardly understand them.”

She then explained to me how the arginine helps to produce a stronger erection. The main stuff, which makes it happen is called cGMP. Arginine is used to make Nitric Oxide, NO, which in turn is used to make cGMP. This cGMP is the good stuff, because this signals the penile muscles that they must relax and let blood flow into the penis.

Once everything is done and it is time for the penis to deflate, a signalling molecule called PDE will cause the production of a substance called “5GMP”, which in turn tells the penile muscles to contract and let the blood flow out. This is where Vi*%$a and its various cousins work slightly differently: they actually inhibit PDE release to produce 5GMP and therefore *stop* the penis from deflating.

I had heard of NO before, because of a pre-workout gym supplement called NO Explode, which apparently gives you a bigger I knew it had something to do with improving blood flow. NO in turn is built out of an amino acid called L-arginine. Here you can read how exactly it happens. It’s a bit complicated, but if you know your science it will make sense.

amitamin m forte helps with circulation and impotence and erectile dysfunctionNadia then specifically recommended amitamin M forte. She did say that I’d have to take it regularly, but she could also think of lots of happy clients, who are coming back to buy more.. officially for the improved overall health and well-being, because of the better circulation and vascularity, without side effects.

Some of her older customers then told her the real reason: a real boost in their sex life. The wifes even buy it for their husbands and make them take it! lol

I did some more research online and could not find any bad reviews about amitamin m forte. Arginine apparently has no side effects and m forte also includes zinc, B vitamins and pine bark extract. All of this is meant to be good for male health.. well, I thought.. we’ll see! So, I decided to try it for three months, because of the lack of side effects, the additional benefits and the recommendations.

I bought it directly from their shop, because I didn’t want to bother Nadia and because it is cheaper online.

buy amitamin m forte nowIf you buy three months worth it works out as  £34.95 per month  or £1.17 / day for 3,000 mg Arginine + 100mg of pine bark extract. Delivery is free. This pricing is fair compared to the competition and if it really improves your health and sex life, that is priceless. Also, apparently you need to take it for a few weeks to start noticing the effect and then of course I want to enjoy it..

So I thought there is only one way to find out.


Firstly, I was impressed with the speed of delivery: I ordered it on Monday and received the delivery on Thursday from Germany with UPS. The shop has a Trusted Shops certificate and paying with PayPal took me 20 seconds. I received several email updating me of the status of my order and I could check the location of the delivery all the time with the tracking code. Good stuff for speed and managing expectations! Even Amazon isn’t better than that.

Then when the package arrived at first I wondered why it is so heavy. Did they send me a bloody book?

Nope, the packaging is quite large and heavy. I expected the standard 2-3 inch containers, but this one was at least twice as large and big. It read 150g on the container. Normally vitamins aren’t much bigger than 20-50g. What was nice is that the pills are all packaged in their own blisters, which must be to keep them fresher for longer.

I started taking them straight away. Three in the morning and three at night. The caps are transparent and filled with a white powder.

The first few days I did not notice anything, but after about a week to ten days I started getting more libido, suddenly my erection was feeling much harder and we had a lot more fun.

I am not going to go into the details – let your imagination run wild. The sex and my overall wellbeing has continued to improve and now after five months I really can’t imagine any more what it was like before.. especially the sex life. Also our relationship is now much more harmonious.. I wonder why 😉

Amitamin’s M forte was probably one of those buys I was most sceptical about and most positively surprised.


m forte product pageThere are a few alternatives around, which promise the same effect. There is Eurivil and Orthoexpert Man. If you look closely, however, they cost more per gram, because the dose is much lower than amitamin M forte.

I did my research on this and the dose should be a minimum of 3g / day, the more the merrier. aminoexpert VIGARIN looks like an interesting option. It has the same dose of Arginine and also includes pine bark extract and carnitine.

I did actually buy Eurivil once, but it was more expensive for the same Arginine dose (3g / day), but it has no pine bark extract or carnitine. amitamin M forte was recommended by several people including my local pharmacy so I decided to stick with it.

I have not regretted it one day 🙂

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  1. Mike Kernow permalink

    Hello I am 77 years of age and have failed to obtain an erection for some years I tried viagra etc. my question.effects which were awful semi blinness etc. does amitamin m forte have side effects. thankyou for reading. I trust this blogg is safe.

    • Mike, yes this is my personal blog, all safe – no worries!

      M forte has no side effects when taken on its own and at the recommended dose (3,000mg of arginine and 80mg of pine bark extract from 6 pills daily).

      Do not take it with any of the blue pills though (Viagra or Cialis), because the two re-inforce each others’ effects. Given your age, try it for 6 months and hopefully your erection will come back.

      Make sure you eat clean and you exercise regularly.
      Take a look at all the good things what the pine bark extract can do to you. This paper cites 84 studies:

      Good luck Mike!

  2. permalink

    Will I always have to use the amitamin or will I go back to natural once I replenish my system with nitric oxide.

    • The short answer is – it depends on your goal. Personally I take it in cycles 3 months on, 3 months off. I do weights regularly so I notice the Nitric Oxide peaks in my system by the intensity of my pump. The same goes for the erection. Just monitor it and if you feel you want a stronger one just buy another stash.

      Be mindful how your body reacts to when you start taking it and when you come off. When you do come off, try to eat more Arginine-rich foods (poultry, pork loin, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, spirulina, walnuts, peanuts) on a regular basis.

  3. Dona. J permalink

    Reading all of the above with great interest. I am just wondering whether or not Amitamin improves Low Sperm Count and help us conceive. For some unknown reasons I`ve started searching for a miracle cure to help us have a baby and landed on your blog.

    • Dear Dona, I just did some research on this for you and yes, the arginine in M forte will actually elevate both sperm count and semen volume. So your hubby will get more semen fluid and more sperm inside each ml of fluid, i.e. you have a double benefit. The pine bark extract also helps to improve male fertility by protecting sperm cells from free radicals, because it is a super antioxidant. Have a look at this site –

  4. Emmanuel permalink

    I want this product but i want to know if it’s can cure the problem forever

    • Dear Emmanuel, nothing is forever mate 🙂 Personally, its been working for me with zero side-effects for about 4 years now. I don’t take it permanently, I have been cycling it on and off every 3 months or take ti every two days… just try for yourself and see how it works best for you. Best of luck!

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