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Making top money on eBay

July 5, 2012

make-money-on-ebayAnyone can make money selling on eBay, the world’s largest online auction site. I have two close mates, who are making good money on the side. One trades in vintage Star Wars toys, the other in high performance Audi car parts. They both really know their stuff (see below), but essentally they are just buying the goods for less than they’re worth and selling them on better than the person they bought it from. Especially, because for most people, ebay is simply clearing unwanted or used items from home. If you want to make real money, however, you have to treat it like a business.

Follow these important steps to find out how:

Build a Profile
When setting up your eBay business, it is essential to build a reputation as a reliable seller. There is still an element of distrust regarding buying online, especially from individuals and the best way to instil confidence in buyers is to have a good rating. This can be difficult at first until you make a few sales and get positive feedback from your customers, so ensure all sales are fulfilled rapidly and efficiently. Anything you buy will also count towards your rating, so you can quickly build a positive rating by buying from others and completing the transaction promptly.
Listing your Stuff
To be able to sell your goods on eBay, it’s not enough to just list them, you need to know the best way to do this in order to maximize potential sales. The item description is vital; the title needs to be specific enough so people know what you’re selling, but not too specific that it will be difficult to find using a keyword search. The rest of the description should be as detailed as possible and should preferably include pictures. Knowing when to list your items is also important, as traffic is heavier at certain times and you want a lot of eyes on your items. Try this link for some tips.
The most important way to make big money from selling on eBay is to become a specialist. If you’re selling all sorts of different things, it is hard for a potential customer to know what type of business you are, so you need to find a niche. This can be anything, ideally something that you’re interested and knowledgeable in. Branding yourself as a specialist in, for example, antique coins, gives the customer a feeling of confidence that you know what you’re selling, that your valuation is correct and that you can be trusted. It’s also easier to find a regular customer base who know to come to you when they want something in the area that you specialize in. For some help and ideas on who is making the big money on eBay, take a look at this.

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