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Why you need to drink Protein Shakes

August 6, 2012

protein sexProtein is one of the three essential nutrients (the other two being fats and carbs) required to lead our healthy, active lives.

What does Protein do?

The various amino acids, which make up the millions of different proteins in out body provide us with a vast amount of health benefits. They help with blood circulation (Arginine)… especially where it counts most ;-), brain and organ function, seriously boost your immune system protecting you from the worst diseases like diabetes, cancer and osteoartritis. They are antioxidants (Cysteine, Glutathione) and so slow your aging down AND they stop your hair from falling out (Methionine, Lysine), they also help your muscles last longer (Alanine, Creatine) and repair themselves (BCAAs) so you look better for longer.. and have more sex!

Without protein, we would very literally waste away in a matter of weeks. If we further consider the active lifestyles many of us lead, it is absolutey essential that getting enough and the right kind of protein is necessary. For these reasons, protein shakes are a welcome inclusion to any man’s food plan. However, notice how I did not use the term “supplement” here; these shakes should not be supplemented but really included within a daily meal plan. Let us have a quick look at some of the reasons why this is the case.

Price and Convenience

First of all, the average male needs approximately sixty to seventy grams of protein a day. This is roughly equivalent to a large chicken breast and an additional five ounces of steak. Although you should never place a price upon your health, eating this amount of food each day can add up to a lot of money at the end of the week. Let us also not forget about the time you need to prepare such meals. You cannot necessarily eat a steak “on the run”, and for most individuals, liquid meat hardly sounds attractive. Not only is a daily protein shake a fraction of the price of these meats, it can be made in a matter of seconds, chilled, and consumed whenever and wherever necessary.

Let us assume that you are an individual who leads an active lifestyle. In this case, you will need considerably more protein to maintain your strength and level of activity; anywhere between eighty and one hundred grams depending on your body weight. Now the cost of meat becomes obvious, but let us go a step further here. After any strenuous activity such as running, lifting weights, swimming or simply a hard day on the job, your body is most receptive to absorbing and utilising protein to its fullest extent. This time period is actually quite narrow; approximately fifteen to thirty minutes after activity. Keeping a steak in a gym bag or lunchbox is not necessarily convenient.

Furthermore, most protein shakes do not contain protein alone. You can buy mixtures like Maxipower’s Cyclone, which contain carbohydrates (necessary for the correct metabolism of protein) as well as a host of other vitamins, minerals, and substances designed to help curb an appetite and aid in fat loss. This is why they have been dubbed meal replacements, although drinking shakes alone does not equate to good health. Remember, it is not just protein that you depleted throughout your day or during strenuous activity. You also burn through your energy stores and utilise essential vitamins and minerals. All of these need to be replenished and many men simply cannot get the adequate amounts needed through food alone.

Also, simply consuming large amounts of protein is not enough. This can lead to cramping, bloating, and even weight gain. A protein is only as good as how easily your body can absorb it. Shakes contain protein that has the highest bioavailability; that is, protein that the body can break down the easiest.

Tastes better than you think

whats_really_protein_shakeProtein these days mixes really easy and often is as tasty as milkshakes and ice cream. In fact, the chocolate drink I am currently taking tastes absolutely delicious. The shakes can be mixed with water, milk, ice and even fruits to create a well-deserved smoothie treat. Suddenly, consuming a protein shake has become less of a task and more of a pleasure.

In terms of value for money I find the myprotein range really good. Their Impact Whey is by far the cheapest on the market at about £50 for five kilos. And you can buy taster packs for 99p to try out the different flavours.

Overall, drinking protein shakes is a great, tasty, convenient and healthy snack that your body will enjoy and your taste buds … and lady …. will thank you for it! 😉

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