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5 of the best supplements for men

November 30, 2012

healthy manTaking the right supplements can help you to improve your immune system, help your heart, lose weight, and even improve your sex life. The wrong ones, however, will be at best ineffective, and at worst harmful, to your health. In order to help you choose the right supplements, I have compiled a short list for you to use. Here are 5 of the best supplements for men.

 1. Protein powder

It is certainly possible to get plenty of protein in your food, but this will involve eating a fair bit, especially if you are trying to put on some muscle. Protein-based supplements like protein powders, will help to speed muscle recovery after any workout, which is essential for muscle growth. A protein shake combined with say nuts is also a very healthy and convenient meal, far better for your body composition than eating bread for example.

2. Green tea

Green tea has a wealth of fantastic health benefits that we should all be looking to take advantage of. Not only is green tea extremely useful in helping to fight off free radicals, which cause ageing, but it is also very useful in helping you to fight the flab and keeping the immune system working properly. It is, therefore, an essential supplement for anyone looking to lose weight, stay healthy and young.

3. A multivitamin

To maintain good health it is important that we get various minerals and vitamins from our diet. Most of us, however, will fail to eat the right variety of foods to get all the minerals and vitamins we need. A multivitamin will, therefore, help you reach your daily allowance.

4. Fish oil

For good health, we all need to be making sure that we get essential fats and fatty acids into our diet. Fats are essential for various different processes in the body, and taking a fish oil supplement will enable you to get the right essential fatty acids, and the right balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, into your system. The fish oil I take is called Wholemega. It seems to be the highest quality one I could find, but also seems quite expensive. I guess like everything, you pay for what you get.

5. Creatine

Creatine is basically a synthetic version of an energy source that is stored in the muscles to be used for exercise. It helps you to build muscle mass more quickly, and speeds recovery.

These 5 supplements are all extremely important for optimal health, weight loss, and muscle gain. This is particularly the case if your diet lacks some of the most important nutrients that you need to operate most effectively.

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