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how I messed up my knee and how arthro360 helped me get running again

June 25, 2015

Hi guys,

I have not written anything here for a while. I am self-employed now, am currently getting divorced and have a beautiful girlfriend with 2 kids, which makes three with my princess. I will write another time about the importance of being a parent 🙂

What I wanted to write about is my bad knee.. or rather what I am doing about it. Yes, I have a bad knee and yes I do run.. again – call me crazy, but it works.

I have always been into Rugby and played at club level for a few years. Considering that I started running regularly quite late at 17, but then I really got into it.

I did my first marathon when I was 21 and did at least one every year in my 20s. I just loved the hypnotic trance that running would put me into.. and I loved especially running through nature, the sea, woods, fields.. In addition I would also do big weights in the gym, I even got to a 170kg squat. Thankfully I never had any major injuries, just a few minor niggles here and there.

amitamin arthro360

this used to be me for years and amitamin arthro360 is helping me get back there 🙂

I am also no small guy: I weigh pretty much exactly 14 stones or 88kg. When I hit 35 I started getting pretty bad pains in my knees.

It turned out that those years of long-distance running, heavy squats and occasional injury had left their mark on me, particularly in my right knee.

The diagnosis by the orthopedic surgeon was actually worse that I could have imagined: onset of osteoarthritis. That meant irreversible damage to the tendons, ligaments, joint fluid due to excessive wear.. apparently!

I love running and was really struggling to come to terms with that. I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to run again.

The same surgeon, who did the diagnosis recommended I should research joint supplements like Jointace, Osteocare, arthro360 or arthro pro.

I did a few google searches and decided to go for arthro360 by amitamin, because it was rated really well in a test that I found and liked that it is made in Germany.

I have now been taking it for about three months and I am slowly noticing a very important improvement – I can run almost pain-free again.

What’s in amitamin arthro360?

You take four (3+1) capsules per day and it seems amitamin have managed to squeeze in every single joint nutrient

  • 1,400mg of D-glucosamine (from shellfish), and
  • 400mg of chondroitin sulfate (both known to be good for joints),
  • 160mg ( = 200% RDA) ascorbic acid (vitamin C),
  • 150mg of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM),
  • the amino acids L-methionine (120mg), L-cysteine (80mg),
  • 100mg of the super antioxidant pine bark extract,
  • 36mg ( = 300% RDA) D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E),
  • 20mcg ( = 400% RDA) vitamin D3,
  • 10mg ( = 100% RDA) zinc
  • 55mcg ( = 100% RDA) selenium,
  • 1.5mg ( = 75% RDA) manganese, and
  • 1mg ( = 100% RDA) copper,

… And in the other capsule:

  • fish oil – this is important: the capsule has 90 mg and 60 mg of EPA and DHA

How much does it cost?

amitamin arthro360
A box of 120 capsules for one month costs £ 39.95. It is a fair bit cheaper when you buy from online pharmacies or directly from amitamin, especially if you buy several boxes.

Is it worth it?

4 caps per day from a pack of 120 will last you a month. Initially this seems expensive, but honestly: £30 to £40 for something that relieves the most annoying pain and stops you from moving around? I didn’t need to think twice and now I am literally running again.

Exercise gives me balance and makes me happy – without it I was just a miserable git! I suppose the same applies in old age when our joints get stiff (apparently also from osteoarthritis.. god forbid any other type of arthritis).. so I think anyone who has mobility issues should try this stuff.

I have experienced no side effects, which is why I suppose it is prescription-free. I have also read that some people are claiming the cost back from their health insurance, which is fantastic! (I wish I had one now)

In short: I will happily pay £1 / day to be able to move around and feel good and happy about myself!

My Conclusion – effective remedy for joint pain

Amitamin arthro360 has got me running again 3-4 times a week. I run far shorter distances (max 45min or 5-6 miles depending on how I feel) and it makes me happy and gives me balance, because running is my life. I am simply a happier man.

It is a small price to pay for a lot of happiness 🙂

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  1. thanks Matt, very good review

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