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iPad, Kindle – or Both?

October 23, 2012

online surfingOver the last few years, the tablet market has grown massively for both tablets and simple eReaders.

A tablet PC is an excellent tool for browsing the internet. An eReader has been specifically designed, for the purpose of reading. There are a huge range of books available, on many topics.

Although, there are many reading applications available on tablet PC’s; when using an eReader, it seems like you are reading from a physical book. A tablet PC cannot emulate the background of an eReader; an eReader therefore is a lot easier on the eye. Here, you have the option to adjust lighting levels, to a point where you feel most comfortable.

The price of an eReader is a lot less compared to a laptop or a tablet PC i.e. iPad.

An eReader is also extremely portable, compared to laptops and iPad’s. It is small, and therefore easy to carry. When you are travelling, you can carry an eReader, instead of a number of bulky books; if you are prone to do so.

With many laptops or tablet PC’s, they have a limited amount of memory available, and it can be costly to upgrade. With an eReader, you can generally purchase a SD card for a small amount of money, to increase the memory. This will provide you with the ability to easily store thousands of books on your eReader.

Some tablet PC’s have the option of using the Internet through 3G. The problem of accessing the Internet on an eReader, and being unable to download new books; when outside of a Wi-Fi zone, is easily solved. You are able to connect to 3G using a wireless hotspot, which a lot of smart phones offer these days.

I myself, own both an iPad and a Kindle. I use the iPad to browse on the Internet, and sometimes carry it with me. However, compared to an eReader, it is quite big and bulky (unless you buy the new iPad Mini, because you can also read Kindle books on it with the Kindle app), so I do not take it everywhere with me. The eReader, however, I can carry when I go anywhere.

I am an avid reader, and used to purchase many paperback books. I now use my Kindle to read books whenever I have free time; I don’t believe I can achieve the same experience, using an iPad. I have now greatly decreased the amount of paperbacks which I buy, which may in time make up for the cost of the eReader itself!

Although, the iPad has a long battery life, approximately 10 hours; the instances where I have to charge my Kindle are few and far between.

So, is it worth it to purchase an eReader, and a tablet PC? I would definitely say so!

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